Contracting Services

ContractingIf your property has been damaged by fire or flooding – or simply needs an update to reverse the effects of normal wear-and-tear, you can contract Resident Management Services, Inc. to restore a unit (or an entire building) to pristine condition. We can replace drywall, lay floors and carpets, change out appliances, upgrade electrical wiring, replace windows and window glass, install new bathrooms and kitchens, hang blinds, install ceramic tile, and prep and paint walls and ceilings. RMS can provide these services on a one-time basis or as part of an on-going rotation to upgrade units as they cycle through the rental market.

Additional Expertise

Our experience with government-assisted residential programs gives us expertise in locating government funding available for energy conservation and property rehabilitation, and in dealing with municipalities to locate other special resources of funding. Few developer/managers can match our background in negotiating with a wide range of federal, state and local agencies.

In addition to management services, we can also add value to your property through our experience working with:

  • Real estate tax adjusting
  • Architectural and engineering analysis
  • Market analysis and surveys
  • Property purchase investigation
  • Zoning and building codes
  • Auxiliary special services for the care of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Contractor and Vendor Management

You’re in good hands with RMS for project management and for negotiations with suppliers – from insurance providers and the management of liability issues to rehabilitation projects. Our expertise includes:

  • Bidding and price comparison surveys for economical service
  • Bulk purchasing
  • Inventory control to reduce unnecessary overstock
  • Experience in government contracting and union regulations

RMS In Action

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