Accounting Services

AccountingOur accounting services provide monthly cash operating reports, including a detailed check register, accounts payable listing, analysis of cash flow, schedule of tenant receivables and vacancy loss. Plus you will also receive:

  • A monthly statement of financial operations including a year-to-date balance sheet
  • Monthly rent rolls and schedule of security deposits
  • Preparation of account analysis and preliminary trial balance for annual audits
  • Payroll tax accounting

Budget Analysis and Fiscal Control

Our comprehensive, computerized system develops a wide range of targeted reports that are essential to sound property management. Our system makes it easy to customize reports to your preference. We provide:

  • An annual comprehensive budget
  • Monthly variance reports showing actual income and expenses compared to budget
  • A yearly repair and replacement schedule for building fixtures, HVAC, carpeting and painting
  • Multi-year planning to implement major rehabilitation and energy conservation projects if necessary
  • Customized reports as required

Staff Training and Supervision

We carefully select all on-site personnel and train them ourselves through monthly staff seminars. Plus we insist on continuing education in real estate courses to keep up-to-date with new trends and market needs.

RMS In Action

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