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We’re Resident Management Services, INC.


Richard Gonzalez, President

Profitable real estate is the result of successful management of an asset. We know this because we’re developers as well as managers, and we understand the needs of ownership. It is from this perspective as an owner that your goals are our goals. As a provider of property management services as well as a contracting firm for building rehab services, we have experience with a wide range of projects, from the easy to the difficult. We know it takes market sense, careful planning and a tough budget control to achieve strong cash flow and increased property value. The staff of Resident Management Services, Inc. (RMS) brings decades of this type of experience to your property.

Management from the perspective of ownership is what we do. That is your assurance of success.

First Steps Toward Making Your Property A More Valuable Asset

Resident Management Services, Inc. makes it easy for you to realize the benefits of our program.

  • The first step is a management audit, examining occupancy levels, rent collections, rental traffic and current leases.
  • Then we look carefully at the property: structural soundness, roofing systems, HVAC, etc. If needed, we will do an engineering analysis. Is the property in need of redecorating or renovating? What are the appropriate materials, timetables and financial constraints?
  • Are there expenses we could cut?
  • Next comes the project income. Are the rents on target? Is the property properly positioned in the marketplace to obtain maximum rents and minimum vacancies?
  • Finally, we prepare a comprehensive management plan. Whether the property is in need of turnaround or not, each step will be presented to you with costs, projections, suggestions on financing and timing.

Resident Management Services, Inc. knows how to evaluate a property and maximize its potential for its owners. Resident Management Services, Inc. maintains a close working relationship with several housing corporations that are held in high regard by practitioners in the field of affordable housing and housing for the elderly.

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